4 layer carbon

NEW: 4 layer CARBON blades

This brand-new series of 9-ply tabletennis blades was developed for korean players. The excellent THIN CARBON mesh offers very good control and a very precise feeling for the ball hitting point.

4 layers of THIN CARBON mesh combined with Spruce top veneers = strong tension + high speed but easy to control ball rotation due to the extended ball contact time.

4 layers von excellent THIN CARBON mesh

We have developed 3 different blades for you

All three blades are very stiff and very fast. There is little vibration and the ball acceleration is very linear. The high weight of the blades is hardly noticeable because the blades are very well balanced. The spruce top veneers facilitate the spin behavior by slightly longer ball contact time. All three blades are easy to play despite their speed.


LANCE 1 is the slowest and softest blade. The blade vibrates the least and has the smallest sweet spot. LANCE 1 has the highest trajectory and the best spin development.


LANCE 2 has the middle speed of these three blades. The sweetspot is larger than LANCE 1.
LANCE 2 has the most vibration but the most accurate ball feedback and a medium flight curve.


LANCE 3 is the fastest of the 3 blades. It has the largest sweet spot and the flattest ball flight curve. The vibration of this blade is in the middle of the 3 blades. The ball feedback is very precise.

3-D handles
All three blades come with a smooth and rounded 3-D handle.
The change between forehand and backhand while playing with various technical speed stroke over the net is easy and comfortable.


These blades are already very special, but it could be more special with the your choice for customizing.
For example, if you are a pimple rubber user, you  could make customized blade as you want: you could choose material you want instead of soft spruce wood, further you could make different veneer forehand and backhand as you want without additional cost.

Please contact us for customization at soulspinkorea@soulspin.tt