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Using Basalt-Fibre in table tennis blades

table tennis blades with basalt fibre 

a hitec mesh made from stone

We are constantly on the lookout for new materials and technologies, and we came across an exciting synthetic fibre made of Basalt. This fibre actually consists of melted Basalt stone and convinced us immediately after the first tests.


Table tennis blades with Basalt fibre are particularly suitable for players who are looking for a fast but not too stiff blade.
The special feature of Basalt blades is their enormous flexibility.
Compared to a Carbon blade they are similarly fast, but much less stiff. The table tennis blade remains very flexible due to the embedded Basalt fibres, so that you have a soft touch similar to a solid wood. In addition, the Basalt fibre ensures that the blade hardly vibrates and you get a very clear feedback.

When it comes to speed, table tennis blades with Basalt fabric are a little slower than Carbon blades. For those who don’t need an extremely high tempo, but prefer good control and a soft feel, a Basalt blade is the right choice. It also has a high spin potential, a high ball bounce and a beautiful flight curve.

Tischtennishölzer mit Basalt Nahaufnahme der Kunstfaser


BASALT – the raw material

Basalt is a black, alkaline lava rock and is abundant all over the world. It is formed everywhere where magma exits from the ground and cools to basalt lava, e.g. in regions like the volcanic Eifel. Since we live here in direct neighbourhood to the volcanic Eifel, we are of course all the more pleased that we found such a great material directly in front of our front door ?

Infinitely long and fine fibres can be extracted from the molten rock, which are then processed into a basalt fabric. This technology has only recently become available and is not yet widespread.

BASALT and the enviroment

Basalt fibre is a pure natural product, made of melted Basalt stone without further additives. The fabric is 100% recyclable.

If you would like to find out more about the structure and veneer combinations of our Basalt blade, then take a look at our material advice.

create your individual blade with basalt fibre

In our Configurator you can create your own table tennis blade with basalt and adapt it to your wishes.


these table tennis blades contain basalt:

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